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Congratulations to the successful conclusion of the second Taino Group Skills Competition!!!

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Tenor Group Carnegie Training Successfully Held!

2022-10-29 13:50:16 Taino Group


On October 22, 2022, Taino Group's Carnegie Training was successfully held, with a total of 36 management personnel from various companies participating in the training. We also specially invited Professor Xia Mingjie, the head of Carnegie Training in Shandong, to provide us with the training!

Pre meeting mobilization


Before the meeting, General Manager Sun of Tainuo Group delivered an important speech on stage, Mr. Sun said, "In response to the current situation of the epidemic, we need to streamline our thoughts and work ideas, clarify our work direction, and hope that through this training, everyone can bravely change and actively embrace challenges in their future work. This training is of great significance to us, and we should cherish this opportunity to improve ourselves and communicate, exchange, and learn face-to-face with everyone


Subsequently, the general manager of Tainuo Group conducted a training mobilization, briefly explaining the purpose and importance of this training to everyone, and hoping that everyone can improve further in this training! 


During the training process, the teacher conducted case studies and group discussions to enable each participant to contribute their own ideas and summarize excellent suggestions, enabling everyone participating in the training to have a deeper understanding of the future development of the enterprise and have clearer directions and goals in their future work.

Training site



A lot of small gifts were carefully prepared on site, making the training atmosphere more lively!



The active participation of management personnel from various companies in this training has strengthened team cohesion through harmonious and enjoyable interactive communication.

We provide constructive ideas for team building and future development for the enterprise, while motivating team members through empathy and the use of more diverse communication methods, making them more responsible, confident, and better team partners.

In the future, Tainuo Group will organize more enterprise management training activities based on the development needs of the enterprise, cultivate more talents for the enterprise, and lead the future development of the enterprise!

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