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Congratulations to the successful conclusion of the second Taino Group Skills Competition!!!

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Welcome to the New Year, wish everyone a happy New Year!

2023-01-01 13:31:36 Taino Group


So fast, 2022 is over again.

Has the flag set up last year been completed?

If not, in 2023,

We must step up our pace and stop procrastinating.


Looking back on this year, our memory drawing board is colorful, both bright and dark, carrying our own efforts. This year, we have honed our character in our work, surpassed our work foundation, and realized the importance of detail in our work and life. This year, we have expanded our talents through work and learning!


In order to thank each employee for their hard work in the past year, the group carefully planned the 2023 welcome tea party and held a lottery event. Fortunately, the employees received gifts carefully prepared by the group, marking a successful end to their efforts in 2022.

New Year's Day has arrived, and the future has arrived.

Persist in the present, ideal future, and embark on a new journey in 2023!

Change your face and welcome the New Year.

Recalling the past is better than looking forward to the future.

Taino has you, it's New Year;

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